Murray’s Carbs Mikuni Repair Cable Install


First, remove seat, disconnect fuel line and remove your tank.

Next, loosen the hose clamps and remove your air filters from the carb bodies.

While twisting the throttle to full open (you may have to pull the cable and raise the slide manually depending on damage), gently place two small pill bottles inside the carburetors underneath the slides.

Disassemble the throttle housing, and disconnect your old cable from the throttle tube.

Loosen throttle bolt from housing and untwist the throttle cable from the throttle house assembly.

Route your new cable directly beside your old one through the bike to ensure correct routing before removing the old cable.

Gently bend open the cable connector exposing the inside cable assembly.

Disconnect the dual cables from the splitter assembly freeing the old upper cable.  You can now discard the old cable.

Before routing your new cable oil it to ensure smooth operation and to prevent fraying and rust.

Using needle-nose pliers, extend both cables from the carb side of the cable and attach your new cable.

Next, press the cable fitting back together.  You should hear and feel the fitting securely connect.

Reconnect your cable to the throttle tube, reassemble the throttle housing, twist in the throttle cable, and snug the cable nut to the housing.

Remove the pill bottles from the carb bodies.

Next, hold a finger on your idle screws one at a time, open the throttle and let it snap back.   You should feel the slides reseat through the idle screw.  This ensures the throttle is working freely and correctly. Make sure to check both sides.

Visually inspect your carbs then reinstall your air filters, tank, fuel line, seat, etc and test the new cable with your machine running.