VM34 for CX500 review by MotoMicah

So I have had my carbs for a few weeks now and it’s time to do my write-up on here.
First things first, if you are not aware of how Mikuni carbs work versus the stock CV carbs, do yourself a favor and either read up on it or contact Murray. I did not do this and in my ignorance I learned how dumb I really am lol. Short summary, the CV carb slide moves based on the vacuum created by the cylinders, while the Mikuni slides are operated mechanically. What this means is a lot more control of the throttle, but also means you have a bit more responsibility. Unlearned me used to accelerate from low RPM’s fast by cracking the throttle, and the engine would then work itself out to catch up and accelerate when it was ready. This silly method of driving doesn’t work so well when you decide to crack the throttle at low RPM’s with the Mikuni’s and essentially create two giant vacuum leaks. In case you’re wondering, that stalls the engine out.

So the best advise I can give is to ride for a while and get used to how the carbs work, and what limits they have, making sure to test how fast you can roll on the throttle. Once you get a handle for how fast you can punch the throttle, and what RPM’s work best for your style of riding, you will definitely be smiling away! Once you get above 4500 RPM you can really push the bike, and man does it fly! Getting to 150 km/h never felt so smooth and fast!!! I just put in the iridium spark plugs and she is running like a top now.

Overall I’d recommend making the purchase, although with the Canadian dollar the way it is the carbs ended being a bit expensive. That being said, everything is top notch and Murray was a great help the entire way. He is someone who sticks by what he is selling, and will guide you through the whole process. As with many other members on here, I am a happy customer¬†